Sanioviv…A Sanctuary for Health and Healing

I recently returned from an amazing health and wellness retreat at Sanoviv.  I was truly blessed to spend 5 days in a beautiful toxin free facility, enjoying organic meals and relaxing in an environment that truly aids in building health from a cellular level.   Each morning my eyes woke to an incredible ocean front view. Every room offers a breathtaking view of the coast.  I went to bed to the sound of the waves breaking along the beach and woke to the same scene.  Honestly when I woke, I thought I was still dreaming.  This was the view from my balcony every morning, noon and night…incredible!  I wish I could embed the sound of the ocean with the photo! (Sorry I’m not that tech savvy)

Window view


My main intention to visit Sanoviv was to learn about the facility and treatments they use to heal from cancer.  I was curious how similar my treatment protocol would compare to theirs.  I was able to talk with several doctors, therapists and nutritionalists and learn how they implement their programs to heal patients. I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to learn that many of the treatments I used they use as well. They take a “whole body”

Ocean front roomsapproach to healing, just like I did, which I think is crucial to beating cancer and many other diseases.  Sanoviv is a hospital/medical facility and they have a full time staff of doctors, surgeons, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, personal trainers, chiropractors, massage therapists, biological dentists, estheticians, yogis and a full cooking staff.   Sanoviv provides a full range of therapies, some conventional, some alternative.   Because the facility is located in Mexico, they can provide many alternative therapies are not available in the states. It is an complete, integrated approach to healing  I met and talked to several people healing from chronic disease and discovering the secret to true healing at Sanoviv. People from all over the world visit Sanoviv.  Some folks come for a simple weekend getaway to detox from the stress of everyday life and others come for a chance to heal from their chronic disease.  Sanoviv is a sanctuary where miracles are happening every day.

One of the girls I met in Sanoviv is a representative for Sanoviv.  If you would like to talk to someone about the many programs and benefits of Sanoviv, or if you would like to book a program, please call Micah Miller at 1-801-571-0578.  She is a caring, down to earth person who will take the time to listen to your needs and send you any information you need.  As a bonus, if you mention my name (Mary Rust) as a referral when booking one of the medical programs, Sanoviv will give you a free massage during your stay.  Their massage therapists are amazing, BTW 🙂

For a quick reference, here are several specific medical programs offered at Sanoviv.  Feel free to click on the links below and it will direct you to the specific page:


Cancer Treatments in Sanoviv 

Alternative Prostate Cancer
Alternative Breast Cancer
Alternative Lung Cancer
Diabetes Type II
Hepatitis C
Metabolic Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson’s Disease
Chronic Digestive Issues
Food allergies
Thryoid Conditions
Rheumatoid Arthritis


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