Here’s a simple solution to cleaning up toxic foods, when organic isn’t available

To help minimize toxic consumption and overload in the foods you eat, it is best to pur
chase organic produce as much as possible. Sometimes, however, it is not easily accessible. If you live in an area (like me) that organic food is not readily available, here’s a simple solution that you can do. Wash your fruits, vegetables, eggs and meats in a “Clorox Bath”. It is important to use Clorox only. Other brands will not work!!!  Clorox is NOT the same as chlorine (chemical disinfectant added in drinking water). Actually, the active ingredient in Clorox is sodium hypochlorite. This ingredient breaks down into salt and water. It is also important to note that I am talking about the “original” Clorox. Do not use some of the updated ones with special scents, coloring, “additivies,”. The Clorox bath has been around for decades which military families in Asia, China, and Turkey have used. Also, stick to the exact 1 tsp/Gallon measurement. Too much or too little Clorox is not good. Here’s the recommended soaking guidelines:

Clorox Bath:

1tsp Clorox/1 gallon water (preferably purified)

Soaking times:

Meats (thawed): 5-10 min/lbs
Vegetables: 25-30 min for thick skinned or root vegetables
12-15 min for leafy vegetables
Fruits: 25-30 minutes for thick skinned
12-15 min for berries or thin skinned fruits
Eggs: 25-30 minutes


After soaking with Clorox bath, drain and resoak produce in regular water for 10 minutes.  Make sure to soak “like” produce together and drain sink after each bath. For example, don’t soak meat with leafy greens. Start a new bath for each group.

There are some other food-cleansing bath products available, I have found

Clorox to be the best so far, especially for its oxygenating value.
1) apple cider vinegar
2) 1/4 cup Hydrogen Peroxide/gallon
3) Bi-O-Kleen (contains grape seed extract)
4) Organiclean
-There are definitely more and more new products out there but I just wanted to name a few.

Happy Clean Cooking!

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