Flax Seed Nutola

I love Flax Seed Nutola for a gluten free mid day snack or healthy breakfast.  After dehydrating I either break  them into larger bar size pieces or crumble to make a yummy granola with coconut almond milk.  It’s always a treat to top with fresh organic fruit, dried berries and walnuts.  Here’s the recipe to enjoy:


Flax Seed Nutola, Sanoviv Recipe Bookphoto (13)

(6 servings/3 cups)
1 cup whole organic flax seeds
1 cup raw sunflower seeds
6 each Brazil nuts
¼ teaspoon unrefined sea salt
½ tablespoon cinnamon
½ cup dates (8‐10)
1‐2 cups of water
¼ teaspoon Xylitol (optional)
1. Soak the nuts and seeds in clean water and leave them overnight in a
lightly covered glass bowl. The next day, drain them using a colander
and rinse them well.
2. Put half of the nuts and seeds into a food processor and blend until
3. Crush remaining nuts and seeds and put everything into a large bowl.
4. Mix the sea salt and cinnamon together and add to the mixture.
5. Put dates in a blender with 1‐2 cups of water and xylitol and blend.
This will have the consistency of syrup. Note: Using 2 cups of water
will create less sweetness overall.
6. Coat the entire nuts and seeds mixture with the date syrup, using
your hands to coat the entire mix. This is what distributes the flavor
evenly. Be sure to press handfuls of the mixture (one handful at a
time). This will extract any extra oil from the nuts.
7. Spread the mixture onto dehydrator sheets and dry at 120 degrees
for 24‐48 hours depending on the “crunchiness” you want (longer
times will make it more crunchy and dry).
8. Store in a glass jar or bowl with a tight lid.