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How to Boost Your Immunity during the Cold and Flu Season.


Fall is falling and we are rapidly approaching the Winter Blues.  Along with this change we draw nearer to the dreaded Cold and Flu season.   Now is the time to prepare and amp up your immune system to ward off these pesky bugs.

The media and conventional medicine prescribes all kinds of medications to suppress symptoms but little is offered in the way of protecting and building up defense mechanisms to ward off the colds and flu in the first place.  Protecting our systems is much better than trying to fight the cold and flu after they have arrived.  Wouldn’t you agree?


What weakens the Immune system?

Your immune system can be compromised in many ways.  One on the biggest contributing factor is Stress.  Feeling stress, mental stress (too much work, work overload), emotional stress (fears –including the fear of getting sick, worries, anxiety) and physical stress (over training from sports or working out).  Other immune suppressing factors include inadequate diet, inadequate sleep and exposure to environmental and chemical toxins.

As we spend more time indoors during the winter months, we reduce the amount of fresh air and sunshine (important source of Vitamin D), which also compromises the immune system.  Also indoor heating has a dehydrating effect on mucous membranes which can have a negative effect on the respiratory system.

Understanding this, what are some tactical things you can do to help yourself?  

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Get Sunlight. The body producing natural vitamin D from exposure to sunlight.  Try to get at least 15 minutes in the morning light between 10:00 am and Noon.  Sunlight exposure will also keep you awake an energized, thus creating a feeling of happiness and defending against depression.  If you live in an area that gets limited sunlight or is just too cold to expose your skin in the elements, you may consider supplementing with a high quality Vitamin D supplement during the winter months.
  2. Get more sleep. Consider going to bed earlier and limit your exposure to artificial light two hour before bedtime.  This includes, cell phones, computers TV and any artificial light from alarm clocks or TV components.
  3. Eat more good quality fat. This includes coconut oil, MCT oil, and organic pasteurized butter.  These are our hibernating months, where our bodies naturally prefer living off fat instead of carbohydrates.
  4. Don’t eat high sugar carbohydrates. Aim for low sugar and carbohydrate consumption especially in the evening.  Replace cravings with herbal tea or Golden Milk as an alternative.
  5. Go outside. Expose your face to the natural cold elements for two hours every day.  This will naturally keep your fat metabolism running at peak levels.


Your Personal Immunity Boosting Kit

Another way to support your immune system and help defend your body from cold and Flu is through the use of Infoceuticals.  Infoceuticals give your body the energetic boost to strengthen your human body field, boost immunity and protect you from those nasty invaders. 


Here’s a few recommendations to support you through the cold and flu season:

infoceuticalsSource (ED 1):  We get source energy through the air we breathe and then store in our kidneys.  It is important to get fresh air daily.  When it is not feasible to get outside regularly, Source (ED 1) can help support and store this vital energy and act as a replacement.

CFI (Cold, Flu, Influenza): If you catch a cold or get the flu, start taking 15 drops of CFI a few times a day to get through it quickly.  CFI is one of your best allies once the virus has set in.  Keep a reserve in your medicine cabinet for you never know when you will need it.

Day and Night: These two are used to promote the right metabolism for day and night and help support natural circadian rhythms.  This is especially helpful during the winter months when we are exposed to more artificial light and less natural sunlight.


Here’s a Few Infoceuticals That Can Help Avoid Colds and Flu

1. Polarity: Use if you have many distortions in our body-field due to e-smog, air travel and jet lag. It helps maintain a better charge in the body-field.

2. EMF: E-smog (exposure to computers, cell phones, high wires, etc.) generally weaken the immune system and the heart. EMF is beneficial for most people nowadays as our lives center around technology and electronics.

3. Peace helps you calm down after strong mental or physical exercise.  Creates a sense of peace and calm within the body.

4. ESR and Chill May help you mitigate superficial and deep seated emotional stress.  Stress is a main contributing factor in a weakened immune system.

5. Heart Imprinter (ED 2), sometimes combined with Nerve Driver (ED 4), may help with mental stress as well.

6. Female and Male: Regulating sexual hormones support vitality and a positive mood. Female and Male may help with supporting these life forces. (Not recommended if you are on hormone replacement therapies)


If you are interesting in learning more about supporting your body through the use of Infoceuticals or would like to order a Personal Immune Boosting Kit.  Please contact me here and I will be happy to help you.


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