Hope for Cancer

Sanioviv…A Sanctuary for Health and Healing

I recently returned from an amazing health and wellness retreat at Sanoviv.  I was truly blessed to spend 5 days in a beautiful toxin free facility, enjoying organic meals and relaxing in an environment that truly aids in building health from a cellular level.   Each morning my eyes woke to an incredible ocean front view. Every room offers a breathtaking view of the coast.  I went to bed to the sound of the waves breaking along the beach and woke to the same scene.  Honestly when I woke, I thought I was still dreaming.  This was the view from my balcony every morning, noon and night…incredible!  I wish I could embed the sound of the ocean with the photo! (Sorry I’m not that tech savvy)

Window view


My main intention to visit Sanoviv was to learn about the facility and treatments they use to heal from cancer.  I was curious how similar my treatment protocol would compare to theirs.  I was able to talk with several doctors, therapists and nutritionalists and learn how they implement their programs to heal patients. I was pleasantly

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Will eating Fat Make you Fat? The answer may surprise you!

If you have followed all the crazy diet recommendations concerning fat over the decade, they would lead you to believe that Fat is BAD, but is it really?  Is all fat bad or just certain fats?   Do you find yourself going through the grocery aisles, looking for low fat labels, or grabbing low fat, skim milk, cheese, butter (or butter substitutes)?  Are these products really healthier for you?


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Why I will never do another Mammogram again!

What if there was a test for cancer that could detect possible tumors 10 years prior to a lump developing?  Wouldn’t that be helpful tool for early diagnosis?  

                                               Yes, of course it would!  

breast thermograhy


What if this test was simple, nontoxic and didn’t cause any discomfort? Woo hoo!  What a nice alternative uncomfortable, unpleasant mammograms! 

 Women would love this!


What if I told you this technology exists today?  Wouldn’t you want to know about it…?       

 Here’s where we’re at with our current detection system and why I have zero to little faith in mammograms…

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Is something holding you back from the life you deserve?


If you have been following me for a while, you have probably heard me talk about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  It is a simple tool that you can do to help with emotional healing and potential blocks that may be preventing you from moving forward toward the life you deserve.

From an early age we are all subject to conditional programming through society, parents, educators, events, traumas, etc.  This mental programming can dictate the choices we make, the fears we have and the perceptions we see, thus creating the life we are currently living.  Ask yourself these questions:

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The 4 Things you Must Know, but Your Oncologist Won’t Tell You

Last week one of my classmates was diagnosed with breast cancer and is starting her first round of chemotherapy.  My prayers go out to her and her family that her body will be able to tolerate the treatments and she will survive.  Though I always respect someone’s decision for their own treatment plan, I also feel the urgency to enlighten you on information you may not know.  Information that your oncologist will not share with you and most likely doesn’t know.  If you are going to choose a treatment plan as toxic as chemotherapy, you should be completely informed on the massive side effects, lack of effectiveness and permanent damage it will cause to your body. Wouldn’t you want to know all of these details before signing up?  Wouldn’t you also want to know about alternative treatments plans that are more effective, less/nontoxic, and have a higher success rate with virtually no side effects?  YES, of course you would!  That is why I am writing this post.  You need to be informed of all of your options before selecting the one for you.  I wish I would have known this information when I was diagnosed.

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What I did to Heal my Cancer Naturally

What I did (and didn’t do) to Heal my Cancer Naturally


9Thank you for visiting my website and allowing me to share my story and journey to healing.  My hope is to expand your mind and inspire you to live happy, healthy, whole and inspired lives!  As most of you know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Dec. 2008 and choose to treat my cancer using natural, non-toxic methods.  I have learned so much since then and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share all I’ve learned.  I hope it will encourage you to “think outside the box” in your own life and look within to uncover your own healing journey.

There is no “magic bullet” or “one size fit all protocol” in the healing process.  Everybody is different.  Different types of cancer, different genetics, different soul purpose, different life circumstances, etc.  So it would make sense that everyone has their own perfect formula to heal.  Notice I said, “everyone HAS their own perfect formula to heal”.  The key is connecting to your own intuition (inner guidance) and discovering the healing path that is already within you.  You already have all the guidance you need to heal.  Every cancer thriver (including myself) that I have talked to or read about was able to connect to and fully trust their inner guidance then follow the path to healing through active co-participation.   Many years ago I was given a formula to simplify the integrated healing process.  This integrated process addresses all aspects of “self” including body, mind, spirit and soul.  The formula can be used with every individual, every disease (because the root cause of all chronic disease is the same) and every life struggle or pain.   Though the steps to healing will vary for every person, the formula stays the same.   

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