Fitness Tips

Will eating Fat Make you Fat? The answer may surprise you!

If you have followed all the crazy diet recommendations concerning fat over the decade, they would lead you to believe that Fat is BAD, but is it really?  Is all fat bad or just certain fats?   Do you find yourself going through the grocery aisles, looking for low fat labels, or grabbing low fat, skim milk, cheese, butter (or butter substitutes)?  Are these products really healthier for you?


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Tantilize Your Taste Buds with this Simple Trick


Here’s an interesting twist to quench your thirst and tantilize your taste buds….                 

bigstock-Summer-Drinks-With-Ice-compressedI used to be a slave to soda, and I’ve always had a hard time drinking plain water even though I know how good it is for my body.  (Yes, I’m human and crave what I think I want!)  I am always looking for creative healthy alternatives to spice up my beverages.  Last weekend, I was at a conference and the Magnolia Hotel brought in the most amazing and refeshing pitchers of water I have ever seen.  I’ve heard of adding cucumber or lemon to water but I have never experienced other fruits.  Wow, I have been missing the boat for years!  There, right before my very eyes sat eight pitchers of brilliant colors and scents.

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